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 MenaPay SuperApp released a new feature: Influencer Marketplace. The first marketplace for influencers and social media celebrities from MenaPay

MenaPay the first blockchain-based SuperApp, released a new feature named ‘Social Store’ in which influencers and social media celebrities can add their social media channels and services to engage their followers to communicate, get support or to sell anything via MenaPay.


MenaPay, the first blockchain-based SuperApp, continues to add new features to services network on MenaPay application and expand technology investments based on the needs of the new digital world.

With the help of the ‘Social Store’ feature of MenaPay, influencers, and content creators can add their social media channels and create services for their followers to get support. Users can easily buy the services to support the people they follow with one click. Also, service providers can activate the ‘send message’ option and get messages from their supporters.


Use MenaPay to get support from your followers!

Recently, fitness trainers, nutritionists, astrologers, and many other content creators have received enormous attention from their users, and getting support from followers has becomes very popular. Influencers, social media celebrities, content creators can continue to create new content with the help of their followers. MenaPay released a new feature that enables the influencers to get support from their followers easily and securely within seconds with one click.

It is very easy and fast to send support with MenaPay

Influencers and social media celebrities sign up to MenaPay SuperApp and create channels on Social Store to get support from followers. Channel owner decides what service to provide and how much to charge for that service. Followers can find these channels on the ‘Social Store’ of MenaPay SuperApp by searching for the name of the channel they want to support. They can easily buy the service to support the person without giving any credit card or personal information thanks to the blockchain technology of MenaPay.

MenaPay CEO Çağla Gül Şenkardeş

stated that digital content consumption has increased significantly especially during the pandemic period. Gül Şenkardeş said: “ Recently, the culture of support and donations on social media platforms has become very common. We were inspired by the idea of ​​donations on Twitch and YouTube for the social store feature we brought to the MenaPay application.” Gül Şenkardeş continued: “The influencer culture is very common both in the Middle East and in Turkey, but marketplace practices in this area are very recent. By trying a new model on MenaPay SuperApp, we opened a new channel for influencers to get support easily from their followers. So, content creators on social media will be able to get support securely through the MenaPay SuperApp.” Stating that they are following the new trends closely, Çağla Gül Şenkardeş added that they continue working at full speed to add innovations to the “social store” feature in the application.


About MenaPay

MenaPay is a blockchain-based super app that offers financial services, entertainment solutions, and daily life solutions in one application. MenaPay is the first blockchain-based SuperApp. Established in Dubai by the well-known leaders of the business world, MenaPay works to be the most widely used application in the region with the vision of supporting digital transformation, especially in the blockchain. MenaPay enables users to benefit from services other than payment while performing payment transactions within the same application. Thanks to blockchain technology of MenaPay payments are made within seconds, game keys can be purchased, and influencers can get support from their followers using the ‘Social Store’ feature of MenaPay. MenaPay pays through an encrypted blockchain network instead of traditional payment methods. This provides a secure and transparent payment network for all types of users and all aspects of daily life. MenaPay offers USD-equivalent “MenaCash” to build a cashless society with its extensive merchant network and to benefit from in-app services.

For more information about MenaPay’s new features supporting digital transformation, visit:



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