The Energy Investment Village, a crucial venue where ten top African clean-tech start-ups will pitch their ground-breaking solutions to a distinguished panel of judges and possible foreign investors, is getting ready for the high-stakes Green Energy Africa Summit.

The event, which is scheduled for Wednesday, October 11, 2023, at Cape Town’s Freeport Saldanha’s Innovation Campus, represents the growing international interest in African clean-tech startups and their ability to advance sustainable energy solutions.

Alan Winde, the premier of the Western Cape, will officially open the Energy Investment Village, showing the region’s dedication to renewable energy innovation. The initiative, which is run in conjunction with Anza Capital, Freeport Saldanha’s Innovation Campus, and the Research Institute for Innovation and Sustainability, is in its second year.

A group of companies, including Sasol, JSE, Oceanhub-Africa, Savant, Firecracker, CHIETA, and Africa Scotland Business Network, are supporting the Energy Investment Village.

Africa has a severe energy shortage, which calls for significant investment. The International Energy gency estimates that for the continent to meet its development objectives by 2030, its annual energy investment must treble to more than $200 billion. Despite this urgency, save for China, investments have been stagnant in emerging and developing economies since the Paris Agreement in 2015.

Our present energy needs are greater than our current energy supplies, Winde emphasized the significance of clean energy.

Meet the ten finalists in clean technology:

  • Therm: Sustainable heating solutions focusing on efficient energy consumption.
  • AET Africa: Providers of renewable energy systems, specializing in solar and wind power generation across Africa.
  • Ceneco Green Power: Developers of environmentally friendly power plants dedicated to reducing carbon emissions.
  • Energy Cubes: Innovators in energy storage, offering scalable and cost-effective solutions for optimizing power distribution.
  • Powerstove: Suppliers of clean cooking solutions through efficient, clean-burning stoves for households and communities.
  • Revive Earth: Converting organic waste into renewable resources while mitigating environmental impact.
  • Green Share: Decentralised energy management system providers, enabling communities to generate, store, and share renewable energy.
  • Think Bikes: Sustainable urban transportation pioneers, designing and manufacturing electric bicycles for eco-conscious commuters.
  • Flx: Offering cutting-edge electric vehicles focusing on performance, affordability, and sustainability.
  • Impact-free Water: Providers of sustainable solutions for clean and accessible water in resource-challenged regions.

In addition to potential investor-startup collaborations, competitors can win valuable prizes such as training programs, acceleration programs, supplier development initiatives, and cash, demonstrating the extensive support system provided by the Energy Investment Village sponsors.

The Energy Investment Village is a testament to Africa’s renewable energy potential and ability to attract foreign investment, and it represents a huge step forward for the continent’s energy future.

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