Zibew, a Singapore-based healthcare startup is glad to announce the release of a new SaaS platform called DigitalPharmacy.io that would enable small & medium pharmacies to sell medicines online at an affordable price.

The SaaS Platform provides a branded website for pharmacies, along with branded Android & iOS App.  Starting at $25 per month, DigitalPharmacy.io is one of the most affordable solutions in the market.

“Our vision is to empower 2 million small & medium pharmacies across the globe,” said Mohammed Abubakr, Founder & CEO of DigitalPharmacy.io.

Zibew has been helping pharmacies with software solutions and products since 2014, however, the predominant customer base was large-scale pharmacies and pharma companies.  “During COVID-19, we observed the shift in the mindset of small & medium pharmacies, who were earlier very much hesitant to adopt the software. There was a growing demand from small & medium pharmacies to go online, set up online pharmacies, and sell medicines & medical products online. But at the same time, these pharmacies

wanted an affordable solution. That’s what led to the development of DigitalPharmacy.io” says Abubakr, taking from Hyderabad, India.

Because of a lack of solutions, many pharmacies customized Shopify or Magneto platforms for selling medicines online. Moreover, mobile apps, have to rely on expensive IT service providers.  “A very timely solution and a good one for all Pharmacies,” says Krish Datta, CEO of Credence, a Telkom Malaysia company. Krish is the key investor behind Zibew & DigitalPharmacy.io products.

Talking with the Startup Africa team, Abubakr shared his views on how DigitalPharmacy.io can play a key role in improving the pharmacy sector in African countries. WhatsApp and other messaging services are being used by several pharmacies across Africa. Patients send prescriptions to pharmacies via WhatsApp and pharmacies do home delivery of medicines.  While this works, it’s not efficient and scalable for pharmacies. Even from the regulations standpoint, ordering via messaging services doesn’t meet the compliances. That’s where DigitalPharmacy.io comes into the picture.  By signing up, the pharmacy gets the branded mobile app, in its name. Customers of the pharmacy can download the app, and order the prescription medicines by uploading the prescription, the order status is tracked and archived. Customers can also chat with the pharmacist at the pharmacy to get their queries resolved. Customers can also set pill reminders and save medical records, all in one place in the Pharmacy’s branded App.

“We have a strong focus on the African market. We are inviting pharmacies across the region to explore our platform and give us feedback. We would love to incorporate the feedback and localize the app as much as possible for the African market” concludes Abubakr enthusiastically.

Links: https://Digitalpharmacy.io



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