The brand-new fintech startup investfox is all set to revolutionize the investment industry with powerful filters and a hard-core commitment to bringing transparency back to the online review space.

The company’s main goal is to simplify the process of choosing investment companies and opportunities by giving people access to unbiased expert reviews and simultaneously serving as a platform for reliable user feedback. While some companies in the past have had similar ambitions, most have fallen short due to outdated methodologies or unreliable moderation techniques.

“When I first thought of creating a platform in the trading niche my research into the competition revealed that the “shopping experiences” on offer for investment products looked super outdated and offered little variety”, said Konstantin Rabin, the founder of investfox, “not only this but many were plagued with fake reviews that could be spotted from a mile away and obvious attempts by the site owners to push certain products rather than painting an honest picture.”

In addition to honest reviews, investfox also aims to educate its users through a well-crafted and comprehensive knowledge base covering a variety of topics relating to currency, stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrency trading.

Why should consumers be excited about investfox?

Because user reviews play such a crucial role in the modern world of decision-making, it is of the utmost importance that consumers are provided with a shopping experience that is both safe and free of surprises. Unfortunately, the current lineup of sites that offer online investment products and opportunities often needs more trustworthiness than one would expect. That’s where investfox comes in with its honest expert and user-generated reviews for all investment products and opportunities, it is filling a much-needed gap in the market by providing the platform that investors and traders have been longing for.

One of the most recent additions to investfox comes in the form of a top-tier system of filtering and sorting tools that allows users to quickly, easily, and accurately sort through broker reviews to help people find the best fit for their investment needs. 

The company’s state-of-the-art filtering engine allows users to select brokers based on the following criteria: license (by country), platforms (offered trading software), instruments (type of tradable assets), funding (available methods for depositing and withdrawing), and leverage (a slider that allows users to choose between the minimum and maximum available leverage). In order to assist those new to the trading industry, the company settled on using a regulating country rather than a specific governing body to make the user experience more straightforward when selecting a license.

As the user sets their filters, investfox automatically updates the list and then gives the option to sort the results by broker rating, review date, and alphabetical order.

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