Gazelle hunter is a project supported by startup Africa that aims at hunting and helping African artisan entrepreneurs professionalize their talents by providing them media exposure and dot connect them to the international opportunities. 

Lito Comboio is a young Mozambican model gazelle who just started his career with big dreams, He wants to make modeling his business, not just lifestyle business but professionalize it and make a living out of it.

Lito first appeared at Mozambique Fashion week in 2014 runway and attracted many local agencies as a promising model. After this appearance he embraced the modeling career and started working hard and tirelessly exploring new horizons.

In January 2018, He was discovered by fuse management, a Nigerian model management company, soon after he was discovered by Fuse on his Instagram account, he then got new opportunities. Fuse connected him to a South African model management agency in Cape Town and he is now doing great moves outside Africa. 


In January 2018 Lito appeared at Cape Town men´s wear week and attracted again many fashion designers who were at Cape Town men´s wear week.

Lito is now looking for new international opportunities to professionalize more and improve his career. He is a gazelle and hard worker model with a fresh and promising portfolio. Some of his milestone for 2019 is to climb the runaways at Milan fashion week, New York Fashion week, Shanghai Fashion week.








Country: Mozambique
age: 23
weight: 180 lbs. (82 kg)
height: 6′ 5” (1.95 m)
hair: black




eyes: brown
chest: 39” (100 cm)

waist: 32” (81 cm)
inseam: 39” (100 cm)
suit: regular
shoe: US: 11 / Eur: 45

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