A bit about Hamilton Chambela

Photo by Ismail Essak


Hamilton Chambela, a 34 year-old Mozambican, trained in electrical industrial systems by the Industrial Institute of Maputo, began his professional career as an artist agent in 2011 at Cotonete Records. Today he is artist agent for the following artists: Iveth, Nandele,Tanselle, The Mute Band and Lalah Mahigo

In 2014 he joined a Mozambican Poet and writer Énia Lipanga to create the company Palavra & Palavras Eventos, LTD.

With Palavra & Palavras Eventos he hosts literature and poetry events with prominence. He goes beyond his passion for culture, he is also passionate about image and embraced the profession of photographer since 2009.

Palavra & Palavras Eventos Is a company providing services with specialization in consulting, planning, organization and execution of events: Social, corporate, sports, cultural, weddings, graduations, fairs and exhibitions, lectures, inaugurations, launching of products and services, among others. For each project, they propose a creative and original solution with a high quality of execution.


Photo by Ismail Essak


The project is an event created and hosted by the company Palavra  & Palavras Eventos, Lda. This project aims at hosting an event where people meet to express themselves or to express themselves artistically. The soirée can involve poetry, book reading, acoustic music, cinema, photography, dance and also other art forms such as painting, crafts, and theater.

Its main characteristic is the mingling between people whose objective is to expose their artistic side or to transmit some of their acquired knowledge with regard to the various cultural manifestations.

In this perspective, PALAVRAS SÃO PALAVRAS  is a project that aims to rescue the culture of, tell and listen to stories, recite poetry, awaken the taste for reading, encourage the production of writing poems, listen to music, theatrical presentation, thus developing interest in authors, writers and, above all, motivate people to know the cultural diversity present in this beautiful country of Mozambique.

In the future, they intend to take the project to various places in Mozambique, especially in schools


Moz Slam is a Battle of Poetry, practice around the word which has in its base several rules that involve the performance and original poetry of its participants, time-limited to 3 minutes for their presentations.

These performances are then judged by selected members of the audience or by a panel of judges consisting of five people, who score each presentation from 0 to 10, with the highest and lowest notes being excluded.

There are no appropriate styles or themes; there are several possible languages, which vary with the diversity of the participants that are part of this movement. The Moz Slam aims to attract, in addition to poets, spectators, and writers who often have little intimacy with “traditional poetry.”

The intention is that the events bring together young writers from different perspectives and styles, from poets, writers, musicians, rappers, journalists, students, etc., in recitals that will have the active participation of the public, choosing the best performance and presented text.

 e-mail: hchambela@gmail.com

 Cell: +258845999760



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