Egyptian fintech startup bokra, known for its goal-based investment and savings platform, has teamed up with Dahab Masr, a firm specializing in precious metals investments. Together, they’re launching a platform enabling users to invest and save in various precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum.

bokra’s app provides personalized financial planning across different asset classes, incorporating asset-backed securities for the first time. It allows users to manage and grow their wealth by offering fractional ownership of diverse products.

Scheduled for launch in the second quarter of this year, bokra’s app guides users through a comprehensive questionnaire to assess their risk appetite, investment preferences, and monthly contributions. Based on this, they receive a tailored portfolio aligned with their goals.

Having recently closed a US$4.6 million pre-seed funding round, bokra now partners with Dahab Masr, an Egyptian company specializing in innovative investment solutions in the precious metals market. Together, they introduce the “bokra Dahab” platform, offering individuals and SMEs in Egypt, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia the chance to diversify their investment portfolios securely and efficiently through precious metals.

Ayman El-Sawy, founder and CEO of bokra Holding, expressed pride in the collaboration with Dahab Masr, emphasizing their commitment to transforming wealth management for individuals and SMEs. He noted that this partnership is the first of many strategic collaborations with industry leaders across various asset classes, reflecting bokra Holding’s dedication to expanding their offerings with expert backing.

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