Global entrepreneurship week 2019
November 18-24, 2019.
170+ countries. 10 million people. 35,000 events.
Removing barriers and welcoming all.
Each November of the year, Global entrepreneurship week connects ecosystem players worldwide to celebrate the week.

This year, Global Entrepreneurship Week is celebrating four distinct themes: Education, Ecosystems, Inclusion and Policy. During the week, GEW will highlight powerful voices, ambassadors and GEN partner organizations that promote, encourage and support the development of entrepreneurs within each of the four spaces.

Global entrepreneurship week Mozambique 2019

startupafrica.news, a Mozambican innovation ecosystem enabler platform, is joining the ride to celebrate the week in Maputo under the Ecosystems theme.
For this year, Startup Africa will host three co-working days to discuss global future skills and innovation ecosystems from 20-22 November 2019 at the American Cultural Center from 9 am to midday.

Theme overview:

ECOSYSTEMS | #GEWecosystems
The Global Entrepreneurship Network and other entrepreneurship support organizations around the world are looking beyond Silicon Valley to facilitate collaboration and partnership between startup ecosystems in promising mid-tier cities. Sharing knowledge and connecting local ecosystem leaders has become increasingly important in building healthy and thriving entrepreneurial communities.
GEW Ecosystems aims to inspire communities to collaborate and share their networks and markets to help their rising startups thrive. This theme celebrates the shared challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship communities and hubs around the world.


20th November / Wednesday
On the 20th we are releasing the report on Global Future Skills: Get Fit for what is next by the institute of the Future in partnership with the Misk Foundation
Over the past several years, IFTF has been developing perspectives on future work skills and learning strategies. In February 2018, it released a map entitled Future Skills: Get Fit for what’s next. The map identified five peak performance zones where we’ll have to hone our skills for the future.

211st  November / Thursday

On 21 1st November, we are hosting a two hours coworking day to work on cultural and creative industries, including one workshop on creative economy and two masterclasses on artistic entrepreneurship and creative startups.
Over the last two years, Startup Africa has been developing strategies and events to boost the creative economy in Mozambique. This year we hosted the Mozambique Creative summits and launching the Mozambique creative awards late November. At this co-working day, we are sharing our experiences and validate hypotheses for the future of the creatives industries ecosystem in Mozambique.

22nd November / Friday

On 22nd November we are hosting a two hours co-working to work on professional identity and jobs of the future, including two masterclasses on CV Canvas, PINT/SIRP framework for jobs and one workshop on GIG economy and automation.


Target audience
Our participants are leaders from various nonprofit organizations and university associations, support organizations and innovation ecosystem enablers, creative technology communities and startup founders, research organizations and government organizations.
Certificate of participation will be awarded for our participants



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