Kenyan startup BuuPass, specializing in digitalizing intercity bus and transportation services in Africa, has ambitious plans to expand into eight new markets by 2025. This move would increase its presence to a total of 12 markets, following its recent acquisition of QuickBus, its Kenyan counterpart.

Founded by Sonia Kabra and Wyclife Omondi in 2016, BuuPass functions as a B2B2C mobility platform enabling consumers to book travel tickets through its web, app, or USSD platforms. Additionally, it provides a SaaS solution to assist bus operators in managing operations, inventory, and sales more effectively.

BuuPass has sold over 16 million travel tickets to date, with a total sales value surpassing US$100 million. The startup has also participated in the Google for Startups Accelerator Africa and received support from the Google for Startups Black Founders Fund.

Kabra highlighted that 95 percent of the African intercity transport market remains offline, leading to operational inefficiencies and poor customer experiences. BuuPass aims to address this gap by providing digital tools for bus operators and a centralized platform for consumers to compare and book tickets.

In February 2023, BuuPass announced a US$1.3 million pre-seed funding round and subsequently acquired QuickBus, expanding its operations to South Africa and Nigeria, in addition to Kenya and Uganda. The company plans to enter Tanzania as its next market.

BuuPass operates in over 650 localities in Kenya and 80 in Uganda. Its growth strategy involves B2B sales, B2C marketing, and partnerships with telecom companies and banks. Revenue is generated through commissions on ticket sales for buses, trains, and flights.

Despite challenges like slow digitization among bus operators and the impact of COVID-19, BuuPass is addressing these hurdles by refining its expansion strategy, strengthening its team, and optimizing its go-to-market approach.

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