International Youth Diplomacy Conference (IYDC) is an innovation of the Model United Nations Conference. It is a simulation of the United Nations General Assembly, Security Council and other agencies under the United Nations. It combines youths across Africa and beyond to discuss pertinent issues of Global interest. IYDC, mostly held in Accra, is educative as well as entertaining. It is a combination of the following:

• IFED Model United Nations Conference.
• IFED Development Programme.
• IFED Ambassadorial Visits.
• IFED Socials and Tours.
• Ambassadorial Dinner and Awards.

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Global Leadership Experience with IYDC.
The 4th edition of the International Youth Diplomacy Conference will take place in Accra from 17 to 21 July 2018
Theme: Investing in entrepreneurship and technology innovation; a curb to youth unemployment.
A gathering of youths across Africa and beyond. Passionate about Africa’s future through Youths, under the UN GA and various agencie.
Providing potential leaders skills for Global relevance and impact through diplomacy for development.
Beyond intellectual knowledge, strong and efficient networking is achieved. Socialising and fun time too.
Major activities under IYDC-ACCRA, 2018 are:
1. Simulation of the UN GA, security council, etc.
2. Ambassadorial visits – visit embassies, interact with High commissioners, NGO’S, diplomats…
3. Personal and Career Development seminars
4. The Elders (A special forum where former Prime Ministers, Former Presidents, Diplomats and Entrepreneurs share their Experiences with you)
5. Social Projects and Tour outside City to engage in social and community activities…Discover Ghana
6.Ambassadorial Dinner and Awards; special awards will be given to 5 Outstanding entrepreneurs in Africa.
Finally awards will go to outstanding delegates and countries in the conference
7. And other activities …
Delegate profile
– Aged between 18 to 40
– High School Students
– Undergraduates
– Graduates
– Diplomats
– Interns
– Volunteers
– Entrepreneurs
Conference fees
Foreign delegates: 200 USD
Local delegates: 550 Cedis
– Accomodation
– Feeding
– Meals
– Conference materials
– Tour
– Dinner and Award
– Intra- transport
– Certificate
For further  information, contact you country reps by here.


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    Use the Registration link to Register and you will be sent acceptance letter to your mail to be a part of the conference.


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