Residents across Freetown for weeks now have been suffering for want of accessing constant electricity supply.  Easy Solar is now lighting up lives with over 720,000 people enjoying reliable electricity and uninterrupted energy in Sierra Leone.

Easy Solar is a partner in power that one can trust, as they offer a wide range of high-quality solar solutions, from portable lanterns to large panels.

It is no secret that electricity is an essential part of modern life and important to the country’s economy. People use electricity for lighting, heating, cooling, and refrigeration and for operating appliances, computers, electronics, machinery, and even local businesses.

Moreover, with the hike in fuel price and unreliability of EDSA to provide stagnant electricity to the people, many Sierra Leoneans have decided that it is the best time for them to look into solar energy as a reliable source for electricity supply, so that they can be able to charge their phones, power up their homes and also continue with their local businesses.

According to some Sierra Leoneans on the streets, they are urging others to start living life the “Easy” way. Easy Solar has enhanced the lives of people across West Africa by providing access to solar energy solutions and other transformative durable goods. These are made affordable through a range of flexible financing options, empowered by pay-as-you-go technology, and accessible through an extensive network of agents and shops.

“I was hesitating to purchase the product thinking that the product can be fake or can’t last for long. But to be candid enough, I’m enjoying the worth of my money,” said Alhaji Abu Mansaray, a desperate Sierra Leonean who was in need of electricity.

Many business entities especially local traders rely on constant electricity supply to preserve their goods and business houses.

Marie Kamara is a Sierra Leonean trader who sells ice cream yoghurt, to upkeep her family and fund her son through college – But due to the instability of electricity supply, she has been finding it difficult to make ends meet. Few weeks ago, she purchased an Easy solar panel that is strong enough to power up her fridge and continue with her business, she affirmed that since she made that move to partner with Easy Solar Company, she has been getting constant and reliable electricity which has made her ice cream yoghurt business to take a positive turn.

She went on to say that not only her,  but also hundreds of Sierra Leoneans who solely depend on electricity to make ends meet, are suffering and finding life very difficult – she urged every Sierra Leonean to trade with Easy Solar company in terms of getting constant and reliable electricity supply.

Just few days ago, the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority informed the general public that Karpowership which is one of its sources of generating power for subsequent supply and distribution to customers is currently experiencing some technical challenges which has led to a drop in its normal generation output for the time being, and the Authority’s engineers and technicians are currently working with Karpowership’s technical experts to identify the root cause of the challenges and proffer solutions as quick as possible.

According to sources, only 23% of Sierra Leoneans have access to electricity, which is below the Sub-Saharan average of 30%. The gap in infrastructure is not only impacting citizens welfare and ability to access services, it is also severely impeding on competitiveness, job creation and poverty reduction. Whiles other African nationals are far ahead in terms of enjoying the basic needs provided by their government, Sierra Leoneans are still living in the dark ages struggling to keep up with the rest of the world.

As Sierra Leoneans have started looking for an easier but efficient way out of the current blackout situation, solar energy system provided by Easy Solar is simply the best and most trusted constant and reliable electricity supply.

To get your Easy Solar product today call 336 toll Free!



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