The Mozambican cultural and creative economy ecosystem is just getting started and need to speed it up is now even urgent. Most Tourists, visitors, and locals have hard times in finding cultural and creative events, sites and programs around Mozambique, but with Mapa das artes, you can access all cultural expressions from cultural sites, events, and information, creatives spaces, interviews with creatives and a whole a lot about the beauty of the country on your mobile or desktop.

Mapa das artes is an open platform that allows people to publish cultural and creative events as well as promote the cultural economy.
If you live in Mozambique, you will probably ask these questions someday, What’s the idea for today? Where to go? These are quite common questions for many people in Mozambique. But the answer to this question is now brought through the Map of the Arts, a digital vehicle, which leaves everyone informed about the cultural events taking place in Maputo from.
Mapa das artes platform allows anyone to insert cultural sites and events for free and for all provinces in the countries. The platform is a vehicle of communication and diffusion of the diverse artistic manifestations that occur in Mozambique including tourism.


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