Startup Africa had a conversation with Ronaldo Miguel Pitta Grós to understand more about his book.

Tell us What you do?

I run an Initiative called ABC do Empreendedor that provides materials and tools that help people, mostly young, to improve their start-up businesses.

Tell us, what is the book about?

The book is about the work we do on the platform. It is a compilation of texts and articles focused on the main themes of the daily life and the uncertainties that entrepreneurs go through, whether at an early stage of implementation of the project, or in managing the business daily.

What are you most passionate about

I have a passion for innovation with simplification of processes. Whether it is at the level of management, or at the level of creation and implementation of projects. I like to pick up an idea or business initiative and plan it in detail up until the point of materialization.

What can readers expect from the book?

I believe that with the book we can build the necessary structured components that create the “Entrepreneurial Mindset” and develop good business. The book can also reach the public not so tuned to digital content and we can help clarify some doubts and myths of “Doing Business”.

What contribution does your book bring to the African Startup ecosystem?

The approach of the proposed themes in the book is clear, simple language and easy to understand. The book is intended for all entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs wanna-be and therefore addresses the most common themes in which most certainly identify. This tool can help anybody that is set out to succeed as an entrepreneur, as it gives a clear roadmap and provides caution and lays out course requirements.

What inspired you to write the book?

The themes of the book were born of contact we have had with the followers of the portal over the course of a year and a half, and with many other entrepreneurs with whom we have had contact in the various activities in which we participate, such as Workshops, lectures, seminars. Their questions, their opinions and their doubts drove me to try to indicate a way and an answer to build a better ecosystem for entrepreneurs.

Any advice for young writers?

We must be brave and focused on the main aim of our research work, which is sharing information. This should be the fuel necessary to motivate us to write and give readers our vision of the world and society.

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