From sport jerseys to pop culture in Nigeria



This is why NATIVE is partnering with sportswear giant Nike to launch limited edition jerseys themed after Nigeria’s street football culture.- the native mag


Remember Nigeria was the most stylish team in Russia world cup in 2018?

The Nigeria Nike-designed World Cup kit, which sold out globally on the day it was released was one of the most creative jerseys in the world cup.  After this success experience, The sportswear giant, Nike entered into another collaboration with a young designer from Nigeria.

Nike has partnered with one of the most influential magazines in Nigeria, the Native Magazine led by a 23-years-old  Seni Saraki.  The young man pays homage to the football-mad West African nation with a ‘Nike by the Native’ special edition jersey, which has a distinct tire mark and takes inspiration from Adire, a traditional Nigerian fabric.

On the sleeve, the jersey features +234, a reference to the country code of Nigeria for international dialing. According to the designer, the code will engage many other Nigerians living in the diaspora but still supportive of their homeland.

The design concept proves that whence fashion and sports are combined together they can influence pop culture and this is without douth a jersey that represents the Nigerian people not only in sports but in the many other social outings like runways, dances, music, and entertainment.

 “We wanted to create something that wouldn’t look out of place on the field and in the dance. In Nigeria, the football shirt has always been a vital piece in anyone’s wardrobe” says Saraki to Nike News


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