Startup Africa had an interesting interview with Violet Amoabeng, Founder and CEO, Skin Gourmet, a RAW Handmade Skincare Sourced from the WILD of GHANA and is so PURE that you can EAT IT.


Q: For those who don’t know you, tell us in a few words: who is Violet Amoabeng, and what is Skin Gourmet?

I am Violet, Founder, and CEO, Skin Gourmet.  SKIN GOURMET is RAW Handmade Skincare Sourced from the WILD of GHANA and is so PURE that you can EAT IT. I created Skin Gourmet with USD 45.00 in 2014 with help from my family (Like, My Uncle Kwame– he passed away, but I wish he could see how grateful I am for just for knowing him). Me? I am small but MIGHTY.

 Q: How did you get to know about Jack Ma Foundation’s Africa’s Business Heroes (ABH) prize competition, and what did you do differently to be selected among the Top 10 oustanding African entrepreneurs this year?

I initially heard about Africa’s Business Heroes Competition while researching opportunities for supported growth online. I applied because I knew that if I was selected as a finalist at any stage I would benefit from expert advice, access to support, knowledge sharing and many learning opportunities. What did I do differently? I asked GOD for help. HE came through!

Q: What lessons have you learnt from the ABH program?

I’ve learnt that:

  • God will help me if I ask Him
  • Entrepreneurship is not about money alone
  • Focus on my people for true success
  • Humility, asking for help, and admitting my faults is how I progress
  • Strategic support and knowledge are more important than money
  • TO NEVER GIVE UP! The hard things are where the good things are
  • Greatness is not in intelligence – it is in wisdom
  • ABH motivates me – by backing me up and supporting me and investing in me – because they believe in me. So I believe I can make it. They validated me just when I needed it.

Q: How do you plan to use the experience and lessons from the program, to impact local business in Ghana?

To be honest, I’m not sure how I will impact businesses – even though I will in a great way if I do what is right.

The ABH program is helping me to focus on people – everyone my business touches. So the only business I need to improve or focus on is Skin Gourmet, to build it strong and independent so that we can lift the others.

The ABH program is teaching me that I need to focus on my customers and my employees and to SERVE them.

The competition is showing me that success is found by being humble and asking for help. That true profit comes when you put People over Profit.

I always believed it … but honestly, ABH came in the nick of time because I needed to be reassured that I was not crazy for believing that sustainable profit comes when you genuinely love and serve people.

Q: The ABH initiative is ongoing for another 7 years, who is eligible to apply and what tips can other startups take note of to enable them to participate next year and in the other upcoming editions?

Please follow this link, the website is a better bet than me:

Tip 1: BE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF. That is the only way that ABH can help.

ABH is here to help us succeed and to motivate us. So, be you – so they truly get you and ensure you improve in a way that is aligned with your vision.

Tip 2: THE GRANT IS A BONUS – Look out for all the learning opportunities instead and focus on growing at every level. Your mind will be blown!

Q: How do you plan to use your share of the money you will be getting in November this year from the ABH?

Expansion, Improvement, and investment of Skin Gourmet.

Q: What problem is your business solving in Africa, in Ghana, or your community?

A study published in the American Journal of Public Health looked into the skin’s absorption rates of chemicals. Guess what they found?

Our skin absorbs our skincare – it ends up in our body. 

What you put on your skin ends up in your body. In other words, whether you eat it or wear it– it all ends up in the same place = your body.

We are ensuring the world has access to skincare that is so safe you can eat it – and a guarantee that it won’t contain fragrance, preservatives, or anything you need to worry about. So safe that everyone can use it for anything they want – even food. Skincare for any race, any gender, any age.

Skincare with only ingredients you need – 100% natural and pure – AND CERTIFIED.

We are improving the Ghanaian economy by increasing exports of quality value-added finished goods. 

We believe people should pay for only that which they value and that means it must serve others too. So we created Skin Gourmet. Skincare with only what people need and that includes others.

Q: Do you think this is the right time for your startup to solve the problem?

Yes! I was called to do this at this time.

I was made for this.

So if I am here now – now is the time.


Q: Does your solution fit in the market? (Do people want it)?

I would say yes because the market reaction is enthusiasm.

Q: Tell us more about your team, why are you the best to solve this problem          

My team is the reason Skin Gourmet works. My team keeps me motivated, My team is the reason I don’t give up. My team is the real heros.

Q: How innovative is your startup? (technological/social innovation).

 Skincare you can eat? I wish I could take the credit. But the innovation is Ghanaian, Ghana is the real innovator – I just get to represent Ghana.

All the credit, all the acknowledgment for innovation belongs to my country. This is how we created skincare to be – safe.

Q: What is the social impact of your startup and what makes you different in the market?

We are creating jobs for those who have little to no qualifications and ensuring that we GIVE BACK.

Q: How are you scaling up the startup and how do you measure your success?

We are expanding into different countries. Our success? We are nowhere near our goal but we are grateful to be progressing. ABH is a win –  It will always be one of our greatest achievements!

Q: What advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs and new startups in Ghana?


Success is found in the failures that improved you – because you learnt from them. If your motives are right – you will be who you were meant to be. Just don’t stop getting back up.

Life is meant to break us into our position. Be grateful for the opportunity to overcome. Nothing can defeat you except – you.

Contact details: 



Phone Number:           +233 (0) 20 89 79 302


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