Mozambique Parliamentary Natural Resources Management and Conservation Forum to Host a Digital Strategic Planning Session (2020-2024)

The Mozambique Parliamentary Natural Resources Management and Conservation Forum is moving to set-up a strategic planning session, aligning with the national and global measures to stop COVID-19.

The forum is a high-level platform that allow partners to engage through educational workshops, a diverse pool of national policy-makers, judiciary, leaders and relevant local key-players on subjects related to natural resource management, governance, climate change, policy and legislation, economy, climate change, communities, health and youth.

Since 2017, the forum organized 9 high-level educational seminars and workshops in Mozambique, Kenya and Washington DC in partnership with the ICCF Group (funding partner) and Mozambique Energy Intelligence (coordinator and technical assistant).

As the forum coordinator and former ICCF Group Country Director, Mr. Momade Mucanheia, the intention is to a) review and approve the annual working plan, b) share and discuss with members of parliament and other partnering institutions and leaders that are part or aims to be part of the forum. Afterwards, the plan will be shared to interested parties for planning alignment, support, delivery of educational workshops, exchanges, research.

The forum has Mozambique Energy Intelligence as its core partner for essential cross-sector insights, training, events and partnership management.

Pre-Working Plan
April 25th: share working plan with forum leadership;
April 28th: confirm the planning session (subject to change due to Parliamentary Working Sessions);
April 29th: open-line for comments
May 14th: closes-line for comments
May 15th: comment organization
May 16th: beginning of comment integration
May 19th: integrated comments final working plan closed and shared with members
May 21st: working plan approved
May 23rd: working plan partners comments and sponsorship considerations
June 13th: partners comment or inputs considered
June 15th: working plan published

Mozambique Parliamentary Natural Resources Management and Conservation Forum
Address: 24th July Ave. 3773, PBox 1516, Maputo
T. +258 82 525 2242

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