More than 250 Young female leaders across Africa meet at the Maluwa Young Female Achievers Pan African Conference in Nairobi from September 19 to 22.

Outstanding African Youths from all walks of live (Entrepreneurs, civic leaders, corporate leaders, arts and sport leaders) gather to enhance their transformative leadership skills to help make more impact in the communities and promote the sustainable development of Africa.

The Maluwa Africa Pan African conference 2018 under the theme “Young Female Achievers and transformative leadership for sustainable development of Africa” is open to young male leaders as well, considering an inclusive approach of women empowerment whereby it must be done alongside men to maintain a balance view of development and prepare men for empowered women.

The Conference is featuring  Eighteen very high profiled  speakers  from diverse sectors such as Tiguidanke Camara the famous  Guinean fashion designer who turned a mining industry Tycoon, Nobuntu Webster the award winning south African Entrepreneur who operates in the field of Marketing  and Retails, Nathalie Jabangwe , one the youngest and successful  mobile money transfert companies Chief Executive in the world, Benjamin Fernandez young  Tanzanian award winning  speaker building a  digital bank for East Africa, Angeline Mikiri the Zimbabwean   outstanding Multitasked Media house  owner just to name a few.

Through a well prepared content that focuses on transformational leadership, building a successful business in Africa, Securing sustainable funding  for social enterprises, advocacy and charity works, managing the increasing complexity of ventures going global, climbing the corporate ladder, the Maluwa Africa Panafrican Conference aims at:

  • Connecting young African leaders who have the drive and the influence to impact lives and contribute to the sustainable development of Africa,
  • Strengthening their capacities and inspire them to be more and to do more in their entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and civic ventures
  • Connecting young leaders to partners and investors through B2B meetings and business Pitching

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