Reinventing Fashion for “Issa Samb” on  his  inter-disciplinary work that encompasses sculpture, performance, painting and theatre. His work was considered to draw from both African tradition and the European avante-garde movements such as DadaSurrealismSituationism and Fluxus.

Designer Niyi Okuboyejo worked in collaboration with New York-based retail label O.N.S  on the avant-garde “For Issa” collection for the holidays. The inspiration behind the capsule was  Issa Samb, who is a famed painter from Senegal, with talents that branch out to poetry, sculpting and more. Okuboyejo looked to Samb’s eccentric artwork, specifically the “Laboratorie Agit’Art movement.” This serves as the main visual influence behind the apparel selection, which features jackets, shirts, accessories, pants and knitwear.

The details tap sartorial elements and include stripes, dots, patchwork, prints that recall West Africa and a color palette of bright yellow, red, and orange. The fine materials used to construct the For Issa collection include corduroy, merino wool and cotton poplin.

Designed by Niyi Okuboyejo of NYC-based @PostImperial, the “For Issa” collection takes inspiration from Senegalese painter, poet, sculptor, and playwright—Issa Samb.
As tribute to the late artist, each piece seeks to preserve the legacy of this towering figure in modern African art.




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