Healthpoint believes is that healthcare should be accessible to everyone; whether they are young or old, male or female, sick or healthy, regardless of their socio-economic status.

They are propelled to serve major health deficiencies in urban, rural and peri-urban areas with an ultimate vision to promote and facilitate inclusion health in Africa particularly to contribute to the Universal Health Coverage agenda.

They have designed the most affordable and easy-to-use health management plans at monthly subscriptions, to fit seamlessly into your monthly budget/cash flows

In an effort to liberate marginalized communities and those in need, Healthpoint — “Nigeria’s first on-demand health plan retailer,” is offering free health insurance coverage. The organization has pledged that every year it will select an excluded population in Africa and provide them with an opportunity for access. In 2019, Healthpoint has selected widows and orphans to be the receivers of the free health insurance coverage and in 2020, the company will look toward another group. Healthpoint definitely embraces a smart business opportunity that is also socially beneficial.

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