At a time when the country is unfolding itself for the process of economic recovery, it is up to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises to respond to the challenge of diversifying the national economy.

The Super Mentores project, an entrepreneurship development program, designed by CDBRAND, in partnership, with the Institute for the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (IPEME) once again assures its support to entrepreneurs so that they grow professionally proportion of the opportunities offered in the country.

This Thursday, in the activation of Super Mentores Edition II, Hassan Dassat advanced that for 2020 the criteria for selecting the best entrepreneurs will be “tighter”, so he recommends interested entrepreneurs to minimally legalize their companies and or business ideas.

“This second edition is focused on accelerating entrepreneurs ‘business ideas, so their legalization is crucial for achieving the desired objectives, which include facilitating entrepreneurs’ contact with other major entrepreneurs and investors,” said Dassat.

Banco Comercial e de Investimentos, BCI’s main sponsor of Super Mentores, says that “local companies need to be able to explore the opportunities arising from large projects, so entrepreneurs should be aware of the importance of the sun certification process”, Heisler David – BCI.

And because this initiative fundamentally aims to develop the local business ecosystem, in particular, Nuno Quelhas – Super Mentor says that for 2020 it will not be interesting to receive or select quantities of projects, but quality as a first step to revolutionize Mozambican entrepreneurship.

It should be remembered that this program in 2019 aimed to ensure the facilitation of financing and investment, and for that, the 15 businesses had to work to be properly legalized and structured, with a business plan and organized accounting.

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