Ballo upcycles waste to create eco-friendly sunglasses


Ballo, a Cape Town-based company founded in 2013, makes high-quality closed-loop unisex sunglasses from upcycled waste. The shades are made from the offcuts of close-by businesses — such as wood, fabric, cork, hemp, and recycled paper.

The company is committed to supporting a circular economy by using leftover materials from other industries. Ballo is committed to “putting the planet before profit” and is striving for a zero-waste production process, reusing all discarded material it produces to create flower pots, laptop stands, and earrings. Moreover, Ballo opts to use local talent over automated machinery in an effort to increase employment rates in South Africa. These unique and sustainable sunglasses are available online in a variety of styles with international shipping.

Ballo products are all designed and handmade in Cape Town. Our biggest problem in South Africa is unemployment, that’s why we choose not to automate and rather to employ people to make our products. Frames move from hand to hand, the process to process, being refined and checked before they are set free. Every product is surrounded by laughter and handled with love.
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