7MOBILE, the Angolan mobile phone company that has grown the most in agency, sales and distribution of electronic equipment, presented this week another new element in its range of products: Power Solar.


It is a battery to carry the mobile phones anywhere, literally. Power Solar is a solar charger that gains power by the electric current just like any other device of its kind, but which has a remarkable alternative feature: it can also be solar powered, and carries other devices with impressive durability. The Power Solar also has an LED Flashlight that emits intense light, for the use of the consumer as a flashlight. Specifications: Built-in LED flashlight.Loads two devices at the same time.

7MOBILE is the telecommunications arm of GRUPO TGI, an importer and distributor of consumer electronics in Angola and with a future projection inthroughout Africa. Currently operating in Angola, 7MOBILE is the fastest growingagency, sales and distribution of mobile phones, accessories and services in the contry.

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