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Africa in Colors was born from a need for positioning Africa on a global market and having the creative industry be part of the African economy. Africa in Colors festival is part of Africa in Colors project, and the festival will bring every year, African creatives to share, trade and market opportunities for African entrepreneurs in the creative industry.


Within Africa in Colors project, there are many creative sub-projects that fall under the African in Colors portfolio, among them the Africa in Colors Festival which will be held in Kigali from March 26 to March 28 2020, and will include activities like workshops of creative players, Government and other stakeholders, investments
opportunities for creative entrepreneurs, entertainment and conference, among
many others that will sharpen the creative industry ecosystem of Africa.

As the African creative economy leaders still face challenges in implementing innovative approaches to job and wealth creation, Africa in Colors positions its programs to help meet these challenges.

The creative economy has arrived in Africa. While knowledge is easily accessible, creativity has become the hallmark of a prosperous and dynamic economy. Growing globally at 8-12% annually the Creative Economy is poised to become the driving force behind economic prosperity in most African countries.

Creative industries and the creative economy makeup $2.2 trillion in revenues, 30-million-plus jobs, and are the fastest-growing segment of the global economy.

Africa In Colors provides the essential knowledge, tools, and a world-class network of mentors and creative economy leaders – if you are interested in learning more about the Creative industries ecosystem in Africa please visit  africaincolors. or Register HERE

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