928 competition is Co-organized by Forum Macau, City University of Macau, University of Macau, Macau University of Science and Technology, University of Saint Joseph,  Macau Institute for Tourism Studies , United Nations University Institute in Macau, Shenzhen University, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University, and Rio de Janeiro State University.

The primary purpose of the competition is to build bridges between China and Portuguese-speaking countries through sustainability-oriented businesses.

–       9 Cities from Great Bay Area in China (GBA)

–       2 Special Administrative Regions (SAR)

–       8 Portuguese Speaking Countries (PSC)

This is the 2nd edition of the 928 Challenge competition. This year the competition will have two tracks: one for universities and another for startups.

Teams will participate in a 2-week bootcamp to get insights into business environment and opportunities in China and Portuguese-speaking countries.

The event coordinators José Alves and Marco Duarte Rizzolio, representing the City University of Macau, stated:

“The 928 Challenge competition is a collective effort by three stakeholders: academia, business, and government. These three stakeholders must work together to share ideas and resources to meet the expectations that China and Portuguese-speaking countries have in relation to Macau.”

“The platform is possible! Our experience on the 928 demonstrates that there are enough resources in Macau to develop extensive networks and diversity needed in a strong entrepreneurship ecosystem. The most important resources are the people who believe in the platform and take the initiative. The 928 needs unequivocal support to show Macau to the world, and on behalf of the co-organizers we assure that the outcomes will be very high.”

Jerome Yen, representing the University of Macau:

“UM is willing to contribute to this meaningful event and use Macau as platform between China and Portuguese speaking countries. UM supports the young entrepreneurs from Portuguese speaking countries to come to China.”

Jacky So, representing the Macau University of Science and Technology:

“I believe that the competition is very meaningful because it is consistent with the important role of Macau:  A Platform for the Portuguese Speaking Countries. Unlike other competitions, it will emphasize students from China and Portuguese Speaking Countries. It will also provide a unique opportunity for the students to communicate, interact and learn from each other.”

Alexandre Lobo, representing the University of Saint Joseph:

“The 928 Challenge is aligned with our university’s development plan and we expect to actively contribute to its success. The University of Saint Joseph is creating an incubator to attract startups from the Greater Bay Area and Portuguese speaking countries interested in knowing and exploring business in both markets. ”

Max Zhou, representing the Macau Institute of Tourism Studies:

“At the beginning of this year, the IFT created a brand new lab to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of students and alumni, and is committed to promoting the integration of technology and tourism. Since 2016 the IFT has trained more than 30 students from Portuguese speaking countries.”

Serge Stinckwich, representing the United Nations University Institute in Macau:

“We thank you for being involved for the second year in a row in the 928 competition. We are delighted to mentor students to help them to better understand what are the sustainable development goals and digital technology innovations to build more socially responsible businesses.”

This competition is sponsored by Galaxy Entertainment, BNU Banco Nacional Ultramarino, CESL Asia, CEM, Millennium BCP, MdME Lawyers, ISA Tantek, Alibaba, Moxlink, KNJ Investments, C&C Lawyers, Fidelidade.


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