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Creative economy enabler platform in Mozambique

The Mozambican cultural and creative economy ecosystem is just getting started and need to speed it up is now even urgent. Most Tourists, visitors,...

WayaWaya, a disruptive digital banking platform

WayaWaya is a disruptive Kenyan digital banking platform, a one-stop solution combining bank, mobile wallet, savings and payments services accessible anywhere in the world through...

Meet the designer, Mozambique world design days

MEET THE DESIGNER is an initiative of Master Design Moz with the aim of creating an ecosystem for Design and Designers in Mozambique. As well...

Nigeria’s first on-demand health plan retailer

Healthpoint believes is that healthcare should be accessible to everyone; whether they are young or old, male or female, sick or healthy, regardless of...

TEDxYouth@Maputo: Geração X=Y

TEDxYouth@Maputo: Geração X=Y A equipa TEDxMaputo, em parceria com a ExxonMobil Moçambique, organiza a primeira conferência TEDxYouth@Maputo sob o tema Geração X=Y. Esta conferência, surge no...