The Mozambique CREATIVES Summit 2019

5th April at Orange Corners Maputo, From 8am-6pm.

Creativity summit & Expo

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“Although not all entrepreneurs are artists, all artists are entrepreneurs”
A new way to approach modern entrepreneurship.

On April 5th, more than 200 Mozambican artists and creative who happen to be artisan entrepreneurs  will gather at the Mozambique creatives summit event hosted by Startup Africa. Guests will include local artists, social media and digital influencers, content creators in many creative and cultural industries, founders of startups, investors, corporate representatives, programmers, designers and marketers and many other participants in the Mozambican startup ecosystem. 20 panelists, more than 200 creative artists, keynote speakers and side events provide an opportunity for networking and interaction. The summit also provides a supportive environment for artists in their early stages of development. Art and creativity projects can be presented in the form of physical and digital exhibition.

The why

ªThe creative economy has a cultural and social impact that is likely to grow. In a time of rapid globalisation, many countries recognise that the combination of culture and commerce that the creative industries represents is a powerful way of providing a distinctive image of a country or a city, helping it to stand out from its competitorsª UNESCO.

The main objective of this program is to discuss strategies on how to professionalize the creative arts, and to design new careers, understand intellectual property issues, equip young people for jobs of the future and non-existent jobs, and the most importantly is to create a local ecosystem of creative and content creators. Discussions  on how the creative ecosystem is critical in setting the agenda, values and vision for Africa going forward, and how collaborations on creative projects on digital and emerging tech platforms is a key enabler for local creative economy and ecosystem growth. If you are serious about building a sustainable artistic career, join us and be inspired and empowered by some of the most respected voices in the Mozambican creative and cultural industry and data-driven content creators.


Confirming one of the sponsorship opportunities for The Mozambique Creative Summit in Maputo will ensure your company’s brand is positioned as one of the preeminent organizations at the forefront of the African creative scene, to a distinguished audience of tech and industry leaders and international media.  Contact the team on the form below for more details on our sponsorship packages.

  1. Brand Promotion

istinguish your brand as an industry leader in front of key stakeholders, partners and new customers from across Africa and around the world.

  1. Thought Leadership

Selected sponsorship packages provide speaking opportunities or the ability to host a dedicated breakout session for your company to showcase its leadership in African tech.

  1. Media Exposure 

Mozambique Creatives Summit provides an excellent platform for launching a new tech initiative to industry leaders and international tech media.

Live Pitch

Looking for funding, or the right partner to help your venture scale?  Want to showcase your solution to the top investors, corporates, innovators and advisors in Africa and beyond? Apply now to Pitch Live!

Applications are open to African tech startups hoping to Pitch Live on the main stage at the Mozambique Creatives Summit 2019 in Maputo.

Startups must be Mozambican (have at least one Mozambican co-founder or headquartered in Mozambique); less than five years old; have at least a MVP ideally with existing traction; have raised less than USD 20,000 $ in external funding; and have a current “ask”.

  • Applications open until April 25th
  • Applications reviewed on rolling-basis.
  • Only successful applicants will be contacted.
  • All applicants must be able to present in person at Mozambique Creative Summit 2019.

ExhibitBottom of Form

Increase your brand’s exposure in the African tech and investment sector by exhibiting at Mozambique Creatives Summit 2019.  We attract over 200+ key stakeholders across the African ecosystem and international player’s less than one roof, creating the ideal opportunity to get your message heard.

Benefits of exhibiting

  • Engage with leaders and senior decision makers from across the sector
  • Demonstrate your products, services and solutions first-hand in a live environment
  • Meet with existing customers and gain access to a new range of potential customers
  • Generate fresh business leads, create new connections, and deliver proven ROI
  • Conduct face-to-face meetings with a highly targeted and engaged audience


The summit will also award the most accomplished creative entrepreneurs of 2018 to date, nominees from all industries, from Music, entertainment, Film and Cinema, visual content creator, illustrator, fashion designer, Investor, models, makeup artists, hair colorists, hair dressers, new faces, actor, filmmaker, movie director , script writer, creative startups


  • Heritage
  • Traditional cultural expressions

Art crafts

Festivals & Celebrations

  • Cultural sites

            Historical monuments


Libraries & archives (physical & digital)

  • Arts
  • visual arts





  • Performing arts

Live music



  • Media
  • Publishing & printed media





  • Audio-visuals

Film & TV (including streaming)

Radio (including podcasting)


  • New media

Digitized content


Video games


  • Functional creations
  • Design




  • Creative services



Cultural services

Digital services

Creative R & D


  • Creative Economy
  • Gig economy
  • Spark innovation
  • Creative economy investment
  • Open web
  • Modern cooperatives
  • Government sectors

Side Events (Masterclasses)

  • Creativity 101
  • Blue ocean
  • Lean startup
  • Digital creative communities 

 Register NOW


For more details get in touch with

Ibn Bacar  +258 847948779

Joseph Mata  +258 846898928




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