Interview with Suzyika K.C. Nyimbili, Founder at The Hub Theatre Company, based in Kitwe, Zambia.


For those who don’t know you, tell us in few words:  who isSuzyka and what is The Hub theatre?

 The Hub Theatre is a theatrical and performing arts company based in Kitwe in Zambia reinventing the theatre industry by providing authentic plays combined with entertainment and education.

What problem are you solving in Africa, in your country or your community?

  1. The lack of authentic work of theatre that combines entertainment and sharing of African history and generally sharing African stories that actually uplift the Africa on stage.
  2. Absence of theatrical companies that use satire to question the status quo on different social, economic and political issues.

Do you think this is the right time for your startup to solve the problem?Yes. Theatre house in some cities have remained empty without writers and performers. It’s a good time to revive and redefine that as well as bringing more innovation.

Does your solution fit in the market? (Do people want it)?

Theatre is not seen as something for everyone. People want it,however, with the emergency of social media and cinemas, we have to scramble for the same audience. But the people who have come to our shows want to come again and they want to see more of such natural and authentic work.

Tell us more about your team, why are you the best to solve this problem?We take time to research and put up professional work. We have a good level of education and experience in the industry.

What makes you different in the market?

The type of stories we are telling. They are not the obvious. They are stories that question things and also put history on stage for people to learn from. We are also working with young people, some of them straight from high school and others graduating from University.

How do you measure your success?

The numbers that come to our shows, feedback we get from people who come to watch.

How innovative is your start-up? (Technological/social innovation)

We are using social media to market our plays and shows.   

What is the social impact of your start-ups?

People have come to appreciate our plays as we get to bring up historical topics and individuals whose stories speak to what is happening even today. People are enlightened and get to appreciate history.

How are you scaling up the start-up?

Instead of focusing only on Lusaka, the capital city, we are now working in Kitwe. We have started working with the Nkana Arts Society and writing plays not only for us but for others. Currently the Nkana Arts Society is working on a play which will be staged at Kitwe Little Theatre in the first week of April. We are also going into Secondary School to work with young people and give them a platform to perform at a semi-professional level.

What advice do you leave for budding entrepreneurs and new start-up?‘’

Consistency is important. Create a brand and keep going’’.


For those interested in Suzyika K.C. Nyimbili and his startup, can follow them at Facebook: @thehubtheatrezambia, Or personally reach out at +260979377647 (address). Kitwe Little Theatre, Kantanta Street, Kitwe.


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